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Audi Exclusive Lounge

Audi exclusive lounge


The Audi Exclusive Lounge is a popular element of each year’s trade fair stand, a luxurious area for personally invited guests only. Every year the lounge contains a surprise for the lucky few who are invited inside, an imaginative presentation of prototype vehicles integrated into the architectural space. At the Geneva International Motor Show 2012, the space was designed to translate three key brand qualities into a spatial experience for visitors to enjoy: like Audi’s cars, the space is high-end, lightweight and technologically advanced.

An organic extension of the VIP area

Occupying an open space just outside the VIP area, the Audi Exclusive Lounge allows visitors to experience the theme of individualized exclusivity for themselves. It is a natural extension of the lounge behind it, creating its own wall module and forming a link to the adjacent Car Configurator.

Freeform sculpture

Dynamic structural components and freeform sculptures carry design elements from the VIP area into the space beyond and create a tangible representation of the brand’s key values. A white furniture sculpture, rotated on two axes, creates a welcoming sweep to the exhibition area and draws the visitor’s eye into the room.

Playing with light and reflection

In the center of the lounge, the A8 L has pride of place. With its luxurious interior and extended wheelbase, it is reflected in intriguing ways in the glossy white and black wall panels that surround it.

Hightech meets Experience

Hightech meets Experience


Hightech meets Experience – with this promise President and CEO Kazuo Hirai positions the multimedia corporation as front-runner and innovative driving force behind the networked generation of tomorrow. Top quality, imaginativeness and authenticity, curiosity and excitement in exploring new technologies – the interaction of person with product – these central messages morph into tangible experiences at the IFA 2014. This event marks the third consecutive time that SONY has put its trust in SCHMIHDUBER’s brand experience hands.

“Leading-edge technology and customer experience is SONY’s brand commitment at this year’s IFA. Technology is getting smaller, more intelligent, and applicable to people from all walks of life. This, in turn, gives the user space and time to let their imagination and inspiration run wild. It’s exactly this feeling that we have successfully transformed into the third dimension“.

Lennart Wiechell | Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER

Flowing forms

The individual product areas seamlessly overlie the adjoining Activity Zones and show the close interplay between gadgets and appliances. Warm surfaces made of wood and textile break up the harsh white spaces of the previous year, trails on the floors and walls beam the changing display of colours from the SONY Interface Design into the room.

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Oscillating mega screen

The highlight and defining element is a concave, oscillating mega screen with a dimension of previously unseen proportions: it’s 10 meters high and about 100 meters long. Acting as a gigantic interpretation of the World of SONY the screen uses its 14 million pixels to present a multifaceted product range and wows its audience from every angle.


As if on an endlessly turning Ring of Experience the core themes swing through the room and visually represent SONY’s life culture through multimedia, music, film and games. The drama created through individual and group perspectives turns the synergy between technological excellence, innovative leadership and entertainment into a spatial brand experience.

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