One Sony

Play. Watch. Listen. Create.

SCHMIDHUBER have once again designed and built the Sony stand for the IFA Berlin 2013. One year after the successful debut it’s the customer who is center stage. From a raised platform at the heart of the Sony installation, visitors have a panoramic view of the trade fair highlights and the range of products on display. Spreading out from the center, different segment-shaped areas display each of the product groups: PlayWatchListen and Create, and everything comes together with the Brand Horizon to form one coherent image – One Sony.

The SONY brand is synonymous with cutting-edge technology and great customer experience. Technology is becoming ever smaller, more sophisticated, and useful in everyday life. This affords the user the space and time to dream and be inspired. And it’s exactly this feeling that we dimensioned at the IFA.


Lennart Wiechell | Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER

Highlights in the center

The highlights of the show are at the center: the new mobile devices. Here, visitors can experience All the best of Sony in one space-saving device: camera, screen, sound and apps.


Starting from the highlights in the center, the products are presented in ever-increasing detail as the visitor moves further into the Sony stand. In this way, the essence can be experienced even in a brief visit.


Unlike last year’s show, the panorama is not in one continuous band, but is made up of individual ultra-flat screens that only build to a 360° panorama when viewed from the center: the giant Sony Kandō Picture.


An interplay of individual and group perspectives brings the brand to life, with all its core and individual messages.

Sustainable product experience

The panorama follows the personal philosophy of Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of the multimedia giant Sony. The Japanese word Kandō describes the act of conjuring a joyful smile on a customer’s face, and it is here made real in a surprising and breathtaking moment for visitors to the Sony brand experience.