SCHMIDHUBER takes innovative brand management into the third dimension. Our architecture seizes primary corporate strategies and transforms the values of big and small brands into a spatial experience. We are familiar with the individual wishes of consumers and we try not only to meet them, but also to move them. While remaining focused on the message and the target group, we devise physical worlds and thus become narrators. Because each brand has its own story. And spaces are there to tell them.

Brand stories

For 30 years, we have shaped strong brand presentations for very different customers, drawing on trusting business relationships. Together with our customers and partners we create the whole range of spatial brand representations, always remaining consistent and focused on the future.


We support internationally renowned customers of different sizes, industries and origins – medium-sized companies and world-famous corporate groups. The size of a project is not its decisive feature to us. What matters more is the high quality of the concept and its implementation, which enables a clear, unique expression of a brand in a space.