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HAIX Brand Experience World in Mainburg

In spring 2019, HAIX celebrated the opening of its new world of experience in Mainburg with a spectacular production. On more than 1,000 square meters, the new flagship store – HAIX World – combines sales areas with a world of experience, functional products with brand cult and traditional craftsmanship with high-tech manufacturing.

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In Mainburg, Xaver Haimerl once added the X of his first name to the first three letters of his surname and started producing HAIX shoes. Due to our 360° experience concept, buying shoes here has become an experience.


TBD……….Spitzentechnologie und Kundenerlebnis ist das SONY Markenversprechen. Die Technik wird kleiner, brillanter, einsetzbar in jeder Lebenslage. Das gibt dem Nutzer wieder Raum und Zeit für Phantasie und Inspiration. Genau dieses Gefühl haben wir auf der IFA erfolgreich in die dritte Dimension gebracht.

Lennart Wiechell | Managing Partner bei SCHMIDHUBER

HAIX World

In the HAIX World you can try on the complete priduct range and spent your leisure time in spacious sales rooms. In addition to the products, information on the development of shoe production from its beginnings to the present day is displayed in the adjoining museum area.

Insight into

HAIX World is directly connected to the production in Mainburg. Visitors can take a look inside the factory through two panorama windows. A virtual tour also takes visitors through the factory in Croatia.