SCHMIDHUBER has developed creative spatial brand staging for over 30 years. At the Munich head office, 70 experts from the fields of architecture, design, and communication strive for strong concepts, creating experience-oriented brand appearances. Depth of content, sustainable quality, and designer power are important to us. Our work has won us over 260 international prizes, and today we count among the leading specialists in the field of brand architecture worldwide.



Whether trade fair, corporate event, sponsor's pavilion or corporate representation - SCHMIDHUBER stands for the complete range of three-dimensional brand representation. We command versatile creative, technical, and strategic competencies and expertise, which we provide individually for our customers.



We are passionately dedicated to designing holistic brand messages and fascinating corporate visions. With 280 international awards, SCHMIDHUBER is a leading specialist for brand-specific architectural solutions worldwide and has been named Agency of the Year 2011.


14. September 2017

“The next levels of mobility” to Audi at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt, Germany: The Audi stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, designed and built by SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR, presents the future of mobility for Audi drivers by projecting the innovative new Audi A8 into the future. The highlight of the 3,100-m2 booth is the 3-level stage The Next Levels of Mobility where Audi designers demonstrate their vision of the future. Level 1 presents the new Audi A8 as the pinnacle of innovative luxury driving. Levels 2 and 3 offer a vision of the future of the brand in the form of concept cars.

01. September 2017

SCHMIDHUBER bring Siemens to life at IFA 2017 as general contractor: Siemens Concept Mall – Solutions for a Seamless Life

SCHMIDHUBER bring Siemens to life at IFA 2017 as general contractor: Siemens Concept Mall – Solutions for a Seamless Life

04. October 2016

The Cloud – SCHMIDHUBER für Audi auf der Mondial de l'Automobile 2016

Digitalisierung und Vernetzung verändern die Mobilität nachhaltig. Audi setzt diese Themen bei der Messestandgestaltung in Szene und schafft so den ersten voll digitalen und interaktiven Ausstellungsraum für die Weltpremieren Audi Q5 und Audi RS 3 Limousine.

31. August 2016

Siemens auf der IFA 2016: Quantensprünge in modernen Lebenswelten

SCHMIDHUBER inszeniert Siemens auf der IFA 2016: Quantensprünge in modernen Lebenswelten

15. March 2016

Welcome to Smart City – OSRAM auf der Light + Building 2016

Unter dem Motto „Welcome to Smart City“ transformiert der Lichtspezialist OSRAM sein breites und innovatives Portfolio auf der diesjährigen Light + Building in echte Emotionen. Intelligente Lichtlösungen adäquat im Raum darzustellen und konkret erfahrbar zu machen war die Aufgabe, der sich SCHMIDHUBER mit Leidenschaft und Professionalität gestellt hat.


Our projects are reported on all over the world. Especially in the areas of architecture, communication, and marketing, the fascination of built brand worlds is strong. SCHMIDHUBER maintains an extensive archive of international publications, expert lectures, and online articles.


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