Openness, respect, and reliability are SCHMIDHUBER's main pillars for a successful cooperation. Linked with an interdisciplinary network of partners, our team implements visionary concepts and moving brand experiences. We love a good discourse, foster a continuous redefinition, and like to refresh and sensitize our opinion with each new task. Together with an experienced project management, we ensure quality and thus fulfill our customers' needs, while gaining the necessary headspace to keep on developing.


Discover, Dimension, Design, Deliver – our four D's describe the process from the development of the first ideas up to the realization of a project. We attach great importance to our ability to ascertain the quality and progress of our projects at any point in time. Our methods ensure that with every step we take we fulfill our customers' requirements, creating exceptional, memorable brand spaces.

Market and Trend Analysis
The Big Picture
Integrated Design
Architectural Planning
Communication Design
Graphic Design
Media Design
Interface Design
Full Service Provision
Trade Fairs
General Contracting
Construction Supervision
A comprehensive analysis and strategic assessment are the methodological foundation of our work. We engage our customers in a dialogue where every task is looked at from different perspectives, and together we define the essential goals and formulate the visions arising from there. This basis serves us as a source of inspiration for the development of spatial identities.
The central element in our creative process is the dimensioning phase. Here, we transform brand messages into three-dimensional spaces. Design, architecture, and experience are derived from the core content of the corporate communication. Thanks to our professional knowledge on the perception of brands and markets, we find an effective answer to every task.
In the planning phase, we review and refine the individual aspects of the concept and shape its design. Space, structure, and materials are brought together with staging, media, and graphic design. With a keen eye on detail we take the brand on its path to becoming a walk-through experience.
Our experienced project managers translate the design into built reality. As an interface, they steer all parties involved in the project though the execution phase. Adherence to schedules and cost plans are a matter of course. Whether as planning partners or as a general contractor for a fixed price, the end result is custom-made brand architecture to be experienced with all senses.

Schmidhuber Insights

To make sure the heart and the brain are reading from the same page, we regularly take the time to flex our communicative muscles. We ask questions, discuss, experiment and reward. It helps us to discover and develop optimal solution strategies: thinking, smiling, sharing praise. Always lively, always together as a team, and always with the focus on creating unique brand worlds.


Seventy employees and every one of them a specialist in their field. Behind our custom-made brand worlds there are creative minds who daily apply their ambition, passion, and imagination to search for the best solutions. Embedded in interdisciplinary project teams, we organize ourselves according to the requirements of each project. This way we remain flexible, productive, and inspired.


SCHMIDHUBER is where artistically inspired free minds and analytical strategists meet. In Germany, we are recognized as one of the best, and we implement projects for prominent brands around the world. Talented specialists who work with passion and reason while retaining a view of the big picture are always welcome!