touch decor issue 23 april-may-june 11

The AreA1 1 Audi Road Show:
Distinct Design For An Acclaimed Brand Name

Schmidhuber + Partner, crafted the AreA 1 Road Show, a fabulous design loeation that is best deseribed os a "mobile brand spaee" for the laune hing of the new A l by the renowned Audi, in ß.areelona, Spain. The project was a means to launeh the marketing eampaign for the new Al through the eombination of a distinetive Audi brand spaee with a theatrieal Driving Experienee targeting the young and urban erowd. From the lig hting rigs to the hot red display furniture, a ll were eustomised and exclusively put together for this eampaign. 118 The massive red "A 1" is the first of the many extraordinary elements the visitor pereeives as they enter the unique spaee. (...)