Messedesign Jahrbuch 2006/2007, avedition

Audi Tokyo Motor Show 2005, Audi Genf 2005

RectoLinear Curves
The passing of Modernism has freed up designers to re-interpret and re-vitalise the classic forms of the discipline. At first glance this stand seems a pure Modernist statement: a rectolinear structure, an upper deck mounted on most Corbusian pilotis, divided into three rectangular bays on the facade, pierced below with perfect and symmetrical circles, each focussing on a different Audi model displayed below.(...)

twenty Five limes Four
Four-wheel drive for saloon cars has been at the centre of the Audi offer, alongside their technical excellence, since the first Audi Quattro appeared twenty-five years ago. This key fact is also at the centre of Schmidhuber + Partner's design for the Geneva Motor Show. The minimalist stand is open on two sides. The highlight of the whole consists in the set of four suspended backlit cubes along the end af the langer wall: the shorter wall is for a double level hospitality and office building. (...)