SCHMIDHUBER + PARTNER_Lounges and rooms of o2 World Berlin

In autumn 2008 the "o2 World" in Berlin opened its doors. With this modern multifunctional arena the o2 Germany brand takes on the role of host for events and meets its target groups in a cultural experience scenario.The lighting atmosphere is essentially determined by the strong contrast between the blue recesses and the powerful spots on the wooden floor. The light fittings themselves are all concealed in cavities or recesses so that they are seen as little as possible. Because the blue recesses are always intended to be in the foreground and never the appearance of the light fittings the illumination must be as even as possible and the light sources either not visible or not seen as the source of the blue. Either cold cathodes or filtered fluorescent lamps are used depending on the situation. The light from the fluorescent lamps is evenly distributed in the recesses with a special wall flood reflector. The colour filter and the light colour of the cold cathodes are precisely matched to the O2 colours. The spots on the warm wood provide a contrast to the blue recesses. Metal Halide lamps are used here which strongly emphasise the materiality of the floor. The lamps are built into recesses in the ceiling and are always subordinate to the room. All the fitting rings and fastening elements disappear in the ceiling.(...)