Grand Stand 6 - FRAME

Zwei Berichte über unsere Messeauftritte für Audi und ein Bericht über unseren Messeauftritt für Siemens.

Über die 'cloud' auf der Paris Motor Show 2016: "With digital networking having a greater impact than ever on mobility and transportation, Audi wanted to (...)."

Über 'the power of four' auf der Motor Show 2015 in Frankfurt: "Inspired by the release of its new A4 model, Audi introduced visitors of the 2015 International Motor Show (...)."

Über Siemens auf der IFA 2016 in Berlin: "Siemens Home Appliances recognised that for its exhibition at IFA 2016, its products would have to be (...)."

Grand Stand 6
Designing Stands for Trade Fairs and Events
Frame Publishers
ISBN 978-94-92311-19-1