Audi IAA 2009, Samsung IFA 2009

Audi set out to create an impact at the IAA trade fair in 2009 in Frankfurt. When the firm commissioned Schmidhuber + Partner to build its stand, Audi requested a threedimensional realisation of its brand values, namely sportiness, sophistication and progressiveness. The design studio responded with a rwo-level stand in neutral shades, with the vehicles standing out vividly as the stars of the booth. In the When September 2009 main exhibition space, a fleet of cars positioned on parallel, road-like tracks cut a long, dynamic curve through the central area. The lanes gave the stand a spatial structure, establishing the showroom-like zone as a marketplace. (...)

To launch a new generation of LED TVs at the consumer electronics and home appliances fair IFA 2009, electronics company Samsung commissioned design studio Schmidhuber + Partner to develop a stand. The appearance had to present the brand’s products while highlighting the ultra flat, brilliant colour and motion sharp qualities of the collection. Visitors entered the stand via a portal formed by a semi-circle of eight ‘leaves’ that rose high into the ceiling of the hall. Each was set with LED TVs and featured a mass of reflecting surfaces in addition to light shows and audio-visual displays. The leaves disappeared into a mirrored ceiling that was offset by a glass floor. Creating the effect of a huge dome with brilliantly colourful, moving ‘windows’, the mirroring effect increased the height and depth of the stand, and brought to mind the stained-glass windows of a medieval cathedral. (...)