FRAME Issue52 Sep/Oct 2006

Samsung m-zone, O2 CeBIT 2005

Generation M - Located at the immense Coex Mall in Seoul is Samsung's recently launched M-Zone, a shop that is causing quite a stil' among South Korea's technology-savvy youth. Symbolizing a generation distinguished from that of its parents and grandparents by an ingrained use of mobile phones, multimedia products and musi -related technologies, M-Zone is intended as a playground for trying and testing the latest Samsung products. Different from an ordinary shop whose sole purpose is to persuade people to buy, M-Zone invites visitors to experience the brand in an environment reminiscent of a 1970s living room with a futuristic touch. (...)

The CloudIs the Limit - Another Schmidhuber + Partner project is the exhibition stand of mobile telecomprovider 02. Different from the Samsung shop (see previous spread), this stand stood out, especially in terms of innovation and atmosphere. Its most spectacular feature, a 1000-m2 ceiling construction - the 'media cloud' – is what 02 called the world's biggest flat-screen monitor. Hovering above the stand, the rolling surface transmitted moving images and messages by means of 28,000 tiny light sources, not only promoting the technology involved, but also filling visitors with the sense of serenity engendered by a gently undulating blue cloud overhead. (...)