Samsung IFA 2009, Audi IAA 2009, Lamborghini IAA 2009

The Reflect Effect
Once in a while something comes along that redefines its category. Take the Smart car. the iPod. The Nintendo Wii. Utterly innovative and expertly designed. These products became pervasive iconic brands. The Samsung Eleclronics Co. Lid. Exhibit will likely go down in history as one 01 these iconic game changers. (...)

Audi Bahn
Communication and "speed" and "performance" via a stationary not to mention temporary - exhibit is like trying 10 make the V.S. budget deficil look like pocket change. But according to judges. German firms Schmidhuber + Partner and Mutabor Design GmbH did just that with this "moving- design for Audi. (...)

Italian Masterpiece
The Lamborghini brand is anything but docile. In fact from the moment Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p.A in 1963. The company has been the epitome strength and dominance. Recrealing this uneompromising essence IOT the 2009 Internationale Automobil-Salon was the direclive handed down of the two firms that designed the Lamborghini exhibit: Schmidhuber + Partner GbR and KMS Team GmbH. (...)