Exhibition Design, ROCKPORT

Audi Genf 2005, Grohe ISH 2005, o2 CeBIT 2005

For the Audi stand in the car hall in Frankfurt 2005, the idea was to raise a small platform to display the cars and give them center stage. The actual stand would be relegated to the parameter of two sides of the rectangular plot, creating an attractive L-shaped plan. (...)

(...) of the problems that the designers of the grohe stand had to overcome at the Frankfurt trade fair was to construct a pavilion with a plan over 1200 square yards, in a hall whose height reached a maximum of thirteen feet, without making the mistake of creating an oppressive space. (...)

(...) This company pavilion had to house different spaces, such as areas fpr computers, meeting rooms, and a bar. The architects decided on a diaphanous space where the different uses would be separated by small platforms set at different heights. (...)