Creating Shade - BRAUN

"balancity", the German contribution for the World Expo 2010, is devoted to the subject of balance within the framework of the Expo's motto "Better City, Better Life".

Cantilevered, polygonal forms and prajecting building elements form spaces and landscapes that interlace with the interior, forming an exciting alteration between inside and outside spaces. In its architectural perception, the pavilion shows how urbanity and nature will find balanced scenarios in the cities of tomorrow. The silver fabric with its subtle glow is a beautiful yet functional. The material was developed especially to shade the facades, and completely covers the edifice (...)

Creating Shade
Design, Construction, Technology
Veröffentlicht von BRAUN
Balancity Shanghai, Seite 2-4
Autor: Chris van Uffelen
ISBN 978-3-03768-135-0