Shopping 3.0: SCHMIDHUBER Develop a Groundbreaking Retail Concept - “hausgeräte & friends”

“hausgeräte & friends” (appliances & friends) – that’s the name of the innovative new brand shop that opens today in the premium “Hohe Bleichen” area in Hamburg, displaying a range of selected products from the famous retail experts Buddenhagen. SCHMIDHUBER are presenting a shop concept that raises the bar for state-of-the-art brand presentation in a retail setting. The award-winning agency have created Shopping 3.0, a concept that combines brand development, corporate identity, spatial design and online connectivity in a new dimension of product presentation.

The centerpiece of this innovative store concept is clearly visible even from outside: a giant media wall takes pride of place among selected appliances. It is immediately clear that the digital world is not something above and beyond the products in the store, but is instead integrated into every aspect of the appliances on display.

This blurring of the boundaries between on and offline becomes even clearer when customers enter the store and interact with the touch-activated media wall. Instantly, the entire product range is available, at your fingertips. The appliances are displayed full-size, including a clear visualization of all details, functions and optional extras. This integration of digital and POS presentation allows customers to experience impressive product presentations on the media wall, including hands-on demonstrations of typical user experiences, a clear advantage over the traditional showroom experience. When this is combined with professional and competent sales assistance from the appliance experts Buddenhagen, it creates a shopping and brand experience that is the first of its kind in the home appliance market.

The team from SCHMIDHUBER worked together with the Frankfurt-based digital media agency Meso to create the software for the media wall. This bridge between the digital and analog worlds makes it possible for customers to enjoy the entire shopping process inside a brand space, right up to the final purchase decision. The concept also offers the clients the flexibility and modularity to re-design the brand shop in a number of different ways, ensuring both professional and emotional proximity to it.

“Our basic requirement for the ‘hausgeräte & friends’ project was a precise connection between online and offline shopping,” says Michael Ostertag-Henning, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER. “By involving the locally-known service partner Buddenhagen, we were able to integrate another, underestimated component: personal trust. In this way, we were able to create a new kind of store, a bricks-and-mortar online store with personal consultants, and a new dimension of customer dialog for the digital age.”

“The family-owned Hamburg institution Buddenhagen were able to bring all of their decades of experience to the table in the development of ‘hausgeräte & friends’,” said André Buddenhagen on opening day. “We see this store as a fantastic opportunity to break new ground in the topic of Shopping 3.0, right in the heart of Hamburg.”


General Contracting: SCHMIDHUBER, München
Concept, Design and Execution: SCHMIDHUBER, München
Screendesign und Programming: MESO Digital Interiors GmbH, Frankfurt
Photographer: Jörg Hempel, Aachen