SCHMIDHUBER designs Audi presentation at Auto Shanghai 2013

At Auto Shanghai, Audi presented the latest car models like the new A3 limousine over 2,500 square meters, inviting visitors to a live experience of the brand core “Vorsprung durch Technik”. Technologies and concepts behind “Audi ultra”, “Audi connect”, “Audi e-tron”, and “Audi design” are conveyed in multimedia displays and shows. The trade fair design continues the Audi presentation at the Paris Motor Show 2012, this time geared towards the Chinese public: The expressive, forceful Audi trade fair architecture is dominated by large thin geometrical surfaces colored white, silver, and red, forming two all-encompassing comets, whose tips make up the highlight stage and highlight exhibition.

The presentation was developed and realized by SCHMIDHUBER (concept and architecture); the staging of the R18 e-tron quattro comes from tisch13.