SCHMIDHUBER bring Siemens to life at IFA 2017 as general contractor: Siemens Concept Mall – Solutions for a Seamless Life

The motto for IFA 2017 is “Bringing together what belongs together,” and it’s the perfect description for the Siemens Home Appliances stand. For the fifth year in a row, SCHMIDHUBER are general contractor for this project, and are working together with BLACKSPACE to communicate the visionary capabilities of Siemens Home Appliances.

Siemens is the premium home appliances brand for people who live mobile, flexible and connected lives. Intelligent technology helps people to master the challenges of everyday life, and appliances that can be controlled remotely, from wherever you happen to be, are a better fit for the modern lifestyle.

For this reason, SCHMIDHUBER and BLACKSPACE developed the Siemens stand as a link between two worlds: the home, and the place you go to find everything you need for the home: the Concept Mall. It’s where modern, discerning consumers go to find everything their urban lifestyle requires.

We live in a connected world. Siemens can provide your home the digital upgrade it needs to be a part of this, with home appliances linked through the cloud with the Home Connect App and an entire digital ecosystem of services. SCHMIDHUBER and BLACKSPACE have translated this cloud concept into a pixel ceiling with 1,400 points of light transmitting digital impulses. It connects the products on display and the digital services on offer into an emotionally engaging digital space.

In the Food Court, visitors will do more than meet the intelligent kitchen of the future – there will be live cooking, with the help of digital kitchen assistant Mykie. As always, an award-winning chef will provide visitors with culinary delicacies. One standout highlight this year will be the Smart Food System that allows users to check the contents of their fridge remotely as well as automatically generate a shopping list and place an order with a grocery delivery service. The app will even suggest recipes – the only thing you have to do is unpack the groceries and cook your meal. In the future, you might not even have to do that, as Siemens are constantly pushing the envelope for smart kitchen technology that frees users from the constraints of the present.

This thought was the inspiration for the design of the Coffee World that allows visitors to celebrate the joy of a fresh cup of coffee in three different atmospheres. Using prisms and LED technology, the Café can transform, taking visitors from New York to Rio and Paris, where they can sample the local coffee specialities by ordering directly from their own App.

But Siemens is about more than connected devices and intelligent technology; Siemens also offers high-end design. That’s why SCHMIDHUBER and BLACKSPACE are displaying the highlights of the new avant-garde series in the Design Gallery. The cutting-edge designs are presented as works of art while transparent monitors display their features and a large LED media screen creates an atmospheric experience.

Siemens are bringing you the future of technology, today. Siemens Home Appliances stand for a vision of a modern lifestyle that combines technical innovation and high aesthetic standards, brought to you at IFA 2017 by SCHMIDHUBER and BLACKSPACE.


Client: BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich
Responsible as General Contractor: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich
Concept and architekture: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich
Concept and Communication: KMS BLACKSPACE, Munich
Photographer: Jörg Hempel, Aachen