“The next levels of mobility” to Audi at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt, Germany: The Audi stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, designed and built by SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR, presents the future of mobility for Audi drivers by projecting the innovative new Audi A8 into the future. The highlight of the 3,100-m2 booth is the 3-level stage The Next Levels of Mobility where Audi designers demonstrate their vision of the future. Level 1 presents the new Audi A8 as the pinnacle of innovative luxury driving. Levels 2 and 3 offer a vision of the future of the brand in the form of concept cars. Under the banner Audi AI, visitors can see how intelligent vehicles wearing the classic four rings will open up an entire world of individual mobility solutions that will redefine the transport market.

This digitalization of mobility is also translated into the stand design by SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR. Hovering over the entire booth is a media cloud consisting of 220 individual modules and around 7,000 LEDs. It floats above the cars and visitors and sets the stage for an exhibition of vehicles as connected mobile devices.

Frankfurt Motor Show, Frankfurt, Germany: Since the Audi Cloud was first presented at the Paris Motor Show 2016, its structure has been in a constant process of evolution at a series of international events. It's a modular system that can be individualized to suit the location as well as take on any shape or size required. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, Audi are premiering their new Transition Zone as an extension to the Audi Cloud. This area presents the development of visible digitalization as well as the ubiquity of data and artificial intelligence in modern life. Another new element is the booth module The Extra Hour. The idea is that drivers will benefit from intelligent cars by gaining extra time in their day to do whatever they want. The booth makes this extra time into a sensual experience by offering a lawn area that invites visitors to take a break at the heart of the Audi stand.

And it's not just in booth design that Audi are pushing the envelope this year. The Experience Pass is also breaking new ground in enabling interaction between customer and company. “Audi are using this pass to replace traditional trade fair media such as catalogues. Now this information is digital, allowing each visitor to assemble their own individual, personalized information package,” says Johannes Plass, CEO of MUTABOR. “The pass makes the exhibition into an interactive experience. Visitors can use their mobile devices to enter into a dialogue with Audi – before, during, and after the motor show.”

The next levels of mobility acts as a huge interactive stage for Audi's brand presentation. “With the Audi Cloud, we created a strong format to present Audi’s digital brand strategy as an eye-catching live experience,” says Michael Ostertag, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER. “And we're proud to be able to use this flexible modular concept to provide consistently high-level brand presence around the world, on demand and as needed.”

About the Audi Cloud
The Cloud is made of 220 Media modules that connect into a 3D structure, which acts as the ceiling to the Audi stand. The Cloud comes to life through its media show: data moves visibly around the vehicles on display, symbolizing the network capacity of the new Audi cars.

Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER, München
Concept and Communication: MUTABOR, Hamburg
Photographer: Andreas Keller, Altdorf