Management Changes at SCHMIDHUBER

As of January 1 2014, Jürgen Starr is Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER, the Munich design agency for creative brand installations, and will head the Department of Finance and Controlling. He joins Management Board Members Susanne Schmidhuber, Siegfried Kaindl, Michael Ostertag-Henning and Lennart Wiechell. Also as of January 1, Oliver Hill is promoted to Associate Partner. This follows his long and successful period as Design Manager, and makes him an operative representative of the five Board Members.

Jürgen Starr replaces the departing Gerda Pilz, who had successfully led the areas of Finance and General Contractor Services for 17 years of growth. Mr Starr has held responsibility for important areas of Controlling since 2009, and plans to also focus on financial goals in the future: “Alongside the quality of our designs, cost management and punctuality are vital elements that contribute to the success of our projects, both for our clients and for us as a business.”

Oliver Hill has been with SCHMIDHUBER since 2000, and has been Senior Design Manager for the Key Account Audi for a number of years. “Every brand has its own story, and our designs are there to tell that story. Creating something that is new but at the same time recognizable – that’s a daily challenge, and my biggest personal motivation.”