At IFA 2019, SCHMIDHUBER breathes life into the Siemens and SONY brands

At IFA 2019, SCHMIDHUBER breathes life into the Siemens and SONY brands

The times have long passed since exhibition stands were purely about product presentation—apparently separated from marketing. Today's exhibition stands feature as an integral part of any multichannel marketing plan—tailored locally to individual events and markets. Nowhere is this observation on better display than at the IFA 2019. Here, SCHMIDHUBER is behind not one but two trade show designs: Sony and Siemens. Enter the world of physical campaigns !

Munich / Berlin, September 09, 2019
Under the slogan; "Welcome to the exciting possibilities of metropolitan living," Siemens greets visitors, inviting them to join on a voyage of discovery into the future of connected life. Its smart products convince any audience by means of their intelligent services and solutions—capable of enhancing and simplifying the everyday lives of millions of consumers.

This new attitude to life is also embodied in the trade show presence—the design for which is inspired by the world's major metropolises. At Siemens World, visitors can travel directly from Berlin to the skyscrapers of New York, where they’re free to experience the perfect symbiosis of design and technology, enjoy international coffee specialties in Rio de Janeiro or try exotic food creations in Shanghai.

"Metropolitan living is exciting, fast and complex," says Jan Domin, Associate Partner at SCHMIDHUBER. "People want to be everywhere at the same time—restricted by nothing. The exhibition stand embodies this freedom. Everything is connected and intelligent so as to provide visitors with an exceptional brand experience and—of course—reflect the digital reality of modern city living.”

A tour of the stand provides many a highlight: The showcasing of "FreeInduction 2.0" demonstrates the brand’s new hob with integrated extraction system in a glorious setting. Real steam gives the impression of being extracted digitally via an LED wall. In the cooking arena with Nelson Müller, visitors can look over the star chef's shoulder during live cooking sessions and experience how voice-controlled household appliances can make everyday life easier. “The Parcourse Show” in the “Washing” area dynamically demonstrates the networked lifestyle in an urban environment. Here an ingenious stage setup creates the impression for visitors of their being part of the show.

The “Home Connect” area offers visitors the opportunity to get to know the product range on an individual level. Four interactive exhibits can be tested out to give an impression of how Siemens home appliances make everyday life easier through language assistants. A running projection beams out innovative ways to control the home with networked Siemens devices.
The urban, youth lifestyle also makes its presence felt in the SONY stand design. Visitors can follow an adventure trail through a digital technology wonderland—a means for Sony to inspire and arouse the curiosity of its target audience.

A perfected version of 2018, the adventure trail is packed with an even stronger punch: More experience, more design, more technology and more interaction.

Visitors are guided intuitively through the world of Sony—experiencing their breakthrough product range interactively. But key to the stand concept is the message that nothing happens in isolation. Wander onto an individual product area for cameras and you can expect to receive know-how on the image software contained in mobile phones—another product area altogether.

The interplay between product areas is highlighted without either one losing its stamp of independence. This is achieved through a uniform stand design that uses materials, light and ambience subtly so as to provide the perception of separated areas that are all the same connected to a larger whole.

This is also achieved atmospherically: Each zone is self-explanatory and creates a recognizable experience of its own. So whether it’s the newest camera models, the latest XPERIA mobile phones, or TV and Audio—there’s no denying Sony’s integrated role in the life of its customers.

"We're staging Sony as playing a natural part in everyday life. And emphasizing their recipe for success: The best thing to come out of the digital world, inspired by life for life," says Martin Weber, Team Manager at SCHMIDHUBER.

And no highlight conveys that better than the eSports professional demos. Here visitors get a strong sense of the Sony way of life. "Touch&Try" promotions offer visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with the professional use of Sony technology and check out whether the latest features are the right ones for them. In the “Camera” area, models and photographers are available, while the headphones can be tested by means of an "ear analysis"—using a specially developed display. Demo rooms for TV and sound—all soundproofed—create the perfect environment to create the optimal Sony experience.

For Michael Ostertag, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER, the focus at IFA 2019 is more than ever on the end customer: "With SCHMIDHUBER, urban lifestyle and intelligent technology go hand in hand at IFA 2019 so that visitors can find their way intuitively. After all, we don't design a trade show presence for our customers, but for their customers. That is why the leading idea should always be inspired by what the trade show needs to achieve in terms of this target group. The stand and communication design come next. That’s the correct order to approach it."

Credits Siemens
Commissioned by: BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich
Responsible as General Contractor: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich, Germany
Concept and Communication: BLACKSPACE, Munich
Photographer: Jörg Hempel, Aachen

Credits SONY
Client: SONY
Responsible as General Contractor: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER, Munich, Germany
Photographer: Jörg Hempel, Aachen