IAA 2019: »Discover your freedom«

Messestand Audi IAA 2019

At the IAA 2019, Audi takes visitors on a journey through current and future concepts of sustainable mobility at Audi. Once again, the show is being put on by a well-rehearsed team comprising SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR. And under the event slogan "Discover your freedom" they’ve staged a journey into the future of the Audi brand space.

The Audi highlight is the AI:TRAIL—a futuristic offroader that empowers unlimited mobility. And it’s this narrative that inspires the entire trade show concept. The show car appears as the last feature in a series of four electric vehicles from Audi. And the e-tron is also on proud display alongside other electric models.

The new trade show concept focuses on Audi's innovative spirit and sustainable vision for the future of mobility. Via social media plug-ins, visitors are transformed into explorers and communicators.

Architecturally and thematically, Audi ensures that future themes and visionary highlights take center stage on the exhibition stand. This includes the premiere of the offroad vehicle Audi AI:TRAIL, which completes the quartet of concept cars. Not forgetting the presentation of the Audi e-tron.

No matter where a visitor is on the stand, they experience the Audi definition of mobility—progressively designed, individualized to the customer, and the promise of a new sense of freedom (enabled by new technologies such as autonomous driving). And this is exactly where the Audi exhibition space takes its design inspiration from. Even the mediatecture follows the Audi vehicle design and draws visitors into the future of Audi. And with the e-tron customer journey on full display, Audi’s vision for electromobility is both informative and emotional. Which serves a distinct purpose: Visitors leave with a clear impression of what electro mobility feels like both today and in the future.

And the role of spatial design in all of this? Michael Ostertag, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER, explains: "The architecture, media displays, exhibits and motion pictures are coordinated perfectly together. Transitions between materials and forms, visuals in the motion pictures and graphics are fluid. With the new architectural concept, it’s not only about directing streams of visitors, but providing perspective and stimulus. In this way, we increase the time and quality of the visit, and above all, the interaction rate with the brand".

Premium quality and perfection in faultless interplay—this defines the shared collaboration between SCHMIDHUBER, MUTABOR and Audi. "At Audi, projects bring together experts that contribute for years. For them, they’re in a permanent state of development—always determined to produce their best. The results—both visual and tangible—work in harmony on the stand and show the fruits of perfect teamwork," says Bernhard Neumann, Head of Experiential Marketing AUDI AG.
New Engagement! The trade show visitor as explorer and communicator

Of course, Audi knows that the potential reach of its stand extends further than its impressive futuristic core. So what better way to get engagement levels up then turn visitors into messengers as explorers and communicators? On either side of the stand, huge-scale product display windows act as eyecatchers—drawing visitors into the stand and into their spell. Behind them, the vehicles are authentically staged in their various worlds—tempting visitors to take photos and share them on their channel of choice. In fact, the carefully selected images make it impossible to resist. Besides, visitors to the IAA aren’t used to having social-media friendly photo opportunities made so readily available. Least of all ones so spectacular. No wonder this gets traction.

"We no longer develop trade show stands based on the typical customer journey. Instead we position touchpoints along the way that might trigger online social interaction. The customer isn’t there just to find out about new products. They are also there to absorb information in all senses of the word. And share it if they want. The Audi shop windows offer us a first glimpse into how experiential platforms will start to change," explains Johannes Plass, CEO and Founder of MUTABOR.


Client: AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
Concept and architecture: SCHMIDHUBER, München
Concept and communication: MUTABOR, Hamburg
Photographer: Andreas Keller, Altdorf
Film: Dojo Filmhouse, München