We offer talented, fearless and enthusiastic personalities a platform for development. In our team, everyone works together to the same end: to create an exceptional brand presence for our clients. And they do it across disciplines, in an environment where freedom, excitement and conviction breeds authenticity. It’s the foundation for our never-ending quest for perfection. And it’s not only our long-term clients who value this philosophy – many of our team members have been on this journey with us for years too.


Discover, Dimension, Design, Deliver – our 4 Ds describe the process from the development of first ideas through to the final execution of a project. When design and communication are seen as one, nothing more is needed. This is fast track to perfect brand communication.

Strategy and Consultancy
Goal definition
Market analysis
Trend analysis
Brand reinforcement
Guiding ideation
The big picture
Communication concept
Bringing it all together
Media design
Interface design
Construction and assembly
Media installation
Digital production
Functional analysis
An in-depth analysis of the market and competitors is the key to understanding the playing field and is the foundation for our work. We know where our clients are coming from so we can offer them solid and innovative advice as well as that precious new perspective. It’s how we create strong, engaging brand identities.
In this phase, we distill and refine the guiding theme and develop a strategy. We turn the brand and its key message into a story: arresting, emotional, unmistakable.
Design is how we turn a brand identity into an experience. Every detail counts. That’s why we refine and hone singular elements, always with the overall impact in mind. In this way, space, construction and materials interact with staging, media and graphics to convey a brand’s story.
Our experienced project managers guide the project team through the execution phase ensuring we live up to everything we have promised: holistic brand messaging, timely, on-budget delivery and costings management are all part of the package.


At SCHMIDHUBER, we’re convinced that openness, reliability and respect lay the ideal foundations for successful collaboration. But we’re prepared to go even further in the pursuit of the perfect professional relationship. We see ourselves as a team of partners dedicated to doing a great job and playing to our strengths as great people.


Ninety employees and every one of them a specialist in their field. Behind our custom-made brand worlds there are creative minds who daily apply their ambition, passion, and imagination to search for the best solutions. Embedded in interdisciplinary project teams, we organize ourselves according to the requirements of each project. This way we remain flexible, productive, and inspired.


People with ideas. Creative brains who work passionately to achieve their goals. Organizers. Motivators. Free spirits who know how to harness their freedom. Happy team members who want to go the distance with SCHMIDHUBER, because they can, should and want to develop their ideas. This is our talent pool. And while we have different qualities, we all swim in the same direction.