SONY IFA 2016: the magical world of "Kando"

Visitors to the IFA 2016 will get the chance to visit the magical world of Kando in the Sony hall. It’s a Japanese word for a moment of joy, surprise and wonder, and it’s the central element in the new SONY CEO Kaz Hirai’s corporate philosophy.

Brand experience experts SCHMIDHUBER have created the Happy Street, bringing together the diverse elements of electronics and content to create a world that is uniquely SONY. The curved Experience Path invites visitors in to the hall for a walk on Happy Street, where all of the different product groups are combined into a single brand experience. Two huge screens, over 100 m long, flank the path and lead visitors to the center of the hall and the SONY Stage. Here is the best place to view the interconnection between the two giant screens and watch as the worlds of products, games music and film interact. In the center of the hall visitors will also find the brand new Xperia XZ and have the chance to see special guests including Manuel Neuer with the Champions League Trophy.

Once visitors go behind one of the two screens, they will enter a hidden world – the Test Lab. Here they have the chance to try out the devices for themselves as well as learn about new developments and prototypes and even meet engineers from the product areas Sound, Photo, Xperia, TV and Playstation. New product highlights include the Coffee Agent that brews fresh coffee on command and a mini projector that can turn any table into an interactive touchscreen display.

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