Siemens Showroom in Amsterdam

SCHMIDHUBER designed and installed the largest Siemens showroom in Europe. The Amsterdam showcase is a pioneering inspiration for Siemens showrooms worlwide.

The concept for this groundbreaking store was to design an intuitive customer journey for visitors to follow, and to communicate the Siemens product worlds as real-life events. Visitors become part of the Siemens ecosystem, which encompasses and connects all areas of life. After all, brand experience is decisive for a customer's purchase decision. That’s why the identity and values of the Siemens brand are communicated at every point: Eyecatchers and visual axes lead visitors intuitively through the product presentation. Products are presented in context, together with a theme that customers can identify with. From living room to kitchen or utility room, all themed areas are realistically presented and can be experienced and interacted with.

With the Siemens Showroom in Amsterdam, SCHMIDHUBER have achieved a pioneering conceptual achievement that will set a precedent in the industry.