Siemens IFA 2016: Urban Living in the digital future

Visitors to the IFA 2016 in Berlin can dive into the digital future in the Siemens “Urban Loft.” At the IFA 2016, Siemens have taken innovation and emotion and combined them with a mix of high-tech solutions and everyday situations, to give visitors a glimpse of the future, today.

Meet Mykie – a robot and “Personal Kitchen Assistant” who stands at the heart of the connected kitchen. Mykie is both control center and information point, allowing the home cook to have a complete overview of the kitchen. It’s how Siemens are giving connected cooking a modern, digital face.

This is about more than just showcasing the impressive features of the appliances on display – it’s about creating a fully realized spatial experience to demonstrate the boundless possibilities these modern kitchen appliances open up. The team from SCHMIDHUBER and BLACKSPACE have taken the new, redefined Siemens home appliances brand profile and transposed it into a fully connected urban living space.

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