Setting trends. DOMOTEX

For many years, the traditional Domotex exhibition has successfully served as a meeting place for the flooring industry. But now, with a shift in orientation, their way forward has innovation in its sights. The objective: To win new partners in the premium segment, and make the trade show even more appealing to designers and planners.

Tasked with transforming this vision into reality, SCHMIDHUBER were commissioned to develop a new brand philosophy, which was to be established over the next three years. The new approach now sees less focus on products and more emphasis placed on their spectrum of possibilities.

Derived from the megatrend individualization, the guiding theme for 2018 is UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE – representing the potential that uniqueness plays in creating an exclusive, personal ambience. In this way, DOMOTEX is responding to the ever-growing human desire for individuality and personalization.