The Audi stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, designed and built by SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR, presents the future of mobility for Audi drivers by projecting the innovative new Audi A8 into the future. The highlight of the 3,100-m2 booth is the 3-level stage The Next Levels of Mobility where Audi designers demonstrate their vision of the future. Level 1 presents the new Audi A8 as the pinnacle of innovative luxury driving. Levels 2 and 3 offer a vision of the future of the brand in the form of concept cars. Under the banner Audi AI, visitors can see how intelligent vehicles wearing the classic four rings will open up an entire world of individual mobility solutions that will redefine the transport market.

This digitalization of mobility is also translated into the stand design by SCHMIDHUBER and MUTABOR. Hovering over the entire booth is a media cloud consisting of 220 individual modules and around 7,000 LEDs. It floats above the cars and visitors and sets the stage for an exhibition of vehicles as connected mobile devices. ... more!