New forces in communication design and digital experience

Neuer Associate Partner Timm Wilks

Since 2015 Timm Wilks has captured client confidence as Creative Director at SCHMIDHUBER. He's known for his progressive ideas, sophisticated concepts and his ability to bring dreams and delivery to interdisciplinary projects. This isn't just something only our clients enjoy. Internally as well, he drives change and is a creative mind—not to mention an analytical strategist. Himself belonging to Generation C–meaning he’s “never offline”—there’s no denying that Timm is someone with his finger on the pulse of our time.

“In making the decision to appoint Timm as Associate Partner we are taking the logical next step in strengthening and expanding our communications department on all levels,” says Managing Partner Michael Ostertag. And in so doing, SCHMIDHUBER enter a new era in the evolution of this area of the business. Over the years the in-house team has grown professionally to offer its international clients holistic brand identity and connected live communication.

“As digital and classic marketing channels interweave more and more, so live communication finds itself being redefined and occupying a fundamentally new position. The future of this discipline will be about bringing together the power of emotional brand experiences and strong brand worlds with all the advantages and additional reach of the connected world. This will make our work even more interdisciplinary and highly dependent on strong content and strategic foundations. In Timm we have found the perfect expert for this and we're delighted to have him join us at partnership level,” says Michael Ostertag.