"Moments of Joy" - Sony at the CES Las Vegas

SONY used their stand at CES 2017 in Las Vegas to once again demonstrate their mastery of the world of contemporary electronic entertainment.

Visitors enter the SCHMIDHUBER-designed stand on a path flanked by the imposing CLEDIS LED wall and SONY’s brand new OLED TVs; an invitation to enter a world of wonder. The open structure of the pavilion draws visitors in to the Centercourt, the heart of the stand, framed by a Billboard Screen. Various theme worlds are spread out in the surrounding area like planets orbiting a central sun; each area distinct and unique. It all adds up to an atmospheric world, an impression of the quality of life that SONY products can offer their customers. The design is rooted in the SONY philosophy of KANDO, a conscious search for moments of joy, wonder or surprise, and it offers a simplicity that is in contrast with much of the hectic CES outside.