Malibu at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

With the “Malibu Road,” SCHMIDHUBER bring the spirit of outdoor adventure indoors

The freedom of the open road, the thrill of adventure, and at the same time the highest possible standard of comfort: that’s what a vacation with a Malibu Caravan is like. SCHMIDHUBER’s job was to turn this idea into an exhibition space and create a true outdoor feeling while underlining the brand’s unique selling points. Visitors can take a deep breath of mountain air, and feel welcomed into an exploration of the brand’s unique features on this walk-through experience.

Large-format images welcome the visitors with an overview of the Malibu outdoors lifestyle, while exhibit elements in Malibu red connect the different areas with the brand’s key visuals. These red points draw the visitors in and guide them through the stand. It’s a translation of the independence and spirit of adventure Malibu offer into a story that visitors can experience and enjoy, transporting them into the vacation of their dreams. It’s Malibu, designed by SCHMIDHUBER.