Logo for the German Pavilion at Expo 2015

Today the logo for the German Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan was unveiled. The logo builds on important ideas and themes in the concept, which elegantly interweaves spatial design and presentation of content.

The form of the logo is derived from central design elements of the pavilion: the stylised plants represent ideas sprouting out of the exhibition inside the pavilion to the surface where they unfold to form a great canopy of leaves. These membrane roofs shaped like upward growing plants were a key element of the design from the outset and are visible even in the preliminary sketches. They connect the interior and exterior spaces, Page 2 the exhibition and the architecture. Moreover, the membrane roofs are a striking feature, even when seen from a distance, creating an unforgettable image in the minds of Expo's visitors.

Please read more about the project here!