Inauguration in Korea: Media Flower

Digital landmark and design highlight, information carrier and relaxation area, exhibit and interactive services – all of these features are combined in the Media Flower designed by SCHMIDHUBER for South Korea's SK Planet. The Media Flower is located in Phoenix Park in Myeonon Myun, Pyeongchang-gun, South Korea. This is a popular recreational resort and ski resort and will host the ski events of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In the original draft for the twelve meters high Media Flower was the hibiscus blossom that became the common thread. It's the national symbol of South Korea, whose national anthem compares the country poetically to the flower for its beauty and eternalness. With its LED media screens on the five outside areas and its dynamic design vocabulary, the Media Flower materialized in an accessible, digital sculpture and provides the location with a certain identity.

"What I particularly like is that in the Media Flower, everyone sees what he or she wants to see. For some people it’s a source of information, a signpost or a ticket office, for others it’s an interactive billboard and digital playground.", says Michael Ostertag, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER.