Essential Simplicity at the BAU 2017

SCHMIDHUBER are setting the pace at the BAU 2017 in Munich: we have moved the core to the foreground for iconic skin; and for Kaldewei we show how minimal and direct a compact booth can be.

Clean lines, subdued flooring and sleek black furniture – by moving the stand itself to the background, we make sure that all eyes at the iconic skin stand are on the main attraction: the impressive and versatile glass sandwich panels. That’s why all interaction with visitors and clients is held in the main booth floor, not tucked away in hidden meeting rooms.

The small dimensions of the Kaldewei booth offered SCHMIDHUBER the chance to demonstrate that a mini booth can still pack a full-sized punch. The visuals all reflect the brand’s corporate identity and corporate design, and the products on display are limited to the most important, most iconic pieces; classic bathtubs, shower trays and wash basins. A cutaway model demonstrates the construction of a shower cubicle installation under the headline Iconic Solution.