Creative Quarter Gern

The end of the 19th century saw an increasing number of German artists becoming "urban escapees," settling at the village-like outskirts of the city. This was also evident in Munich, where two districts of artists' colonies emerged: in the garden towns of Schwabing and Gern. In the 1890's Jakob Heilman built a villa colony with 5 houses around Gernerstrasse, all of which were equipped with well-designed loft studios and impressive display space. Most notably, the large atelier windows to the north were ideal, guaranteeing consistent lighting conditions. With their distinct artistic aura, many of these houses continue to characterize the district today and for this reason, creative quarters are the ideal location for SCHMIDHUBER.

Today, creative quarters within cities are recognized as the pulsating source of urban culture. Dormant industrial sites and unused areas in decentralized locations have become gentrified through the use of artists and freelancers simultaneously being revitalized through their imagination and creativity. Agencies often play a key role in this because as Michael Ostertag from SCHMIDHUBER says, "the agency scene needs pioneers and lateral thinkers but they place emphasis on inspiring surroundings."

We have been in Gern for many years and love this quaint Munich district between Nymphenburg Schloss and Olympiapark. The advantages over urban creative quarters clearly prevail for us, not just because after 30-years success we are far from the visionary start-up phase, but because our work culture and team structures thrive best in the 3 houses "Nederlinger", "Wilhelm-Düll" and "Gutenberg". They provide us with sufficient space to spread over several clusters and these enable development of subcultures that require an incubation period before they are properly established.

At the moment we are modernizing the third Wilhelminian-style villa complete with a sun terrace bringing us closer to our neighborhood. Afterall, we want to feel comfortable in our workplace and enrich the area around us at the same time. All of our houses are representative of the beauty of a district that has evolved from creative people and which, through SCHMIDHUBER's maintenance and use, connects the past to the future - aesthetically, productively and humanly.

We do not go to the "office" everyday, we move flexibly between the sites, meet the neighbors, catch up on what's new, grab a little fresh air on the way. We are free in every sense: spatial, temporal and spiritual. We work where our clients live and in doing so, try to demonstrate that this needn’t be a source of conflict but rather a stimulation. That's why Gern is and remains the ideal location for us. Here our imagination and creativity are inspired and remain at the vanguard.