CORNEA TI - morphing light to space

The interactive installation CORNEA TI is set in three repurposed freight containers on a barge moored near the center of Frankfurt. The foundation for this installation is the transformation of light, shape and sound. CORNEA TI is a project by the undergraduate students of Interior Design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, under the supervision of Professor Klaus Teltenkötter. SCHMIDHUBER provided the student team with support in the fields of parametric design strategies, material and digital fabrication.

“The undergraduate program in Interior Design at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz has an unusually high level of interdisciplinary content. Furthermore, in Professor Teltenkötter, they have a committed and dedicated mentor. Working on CORNEA TI gives the students real-world insights into the complex development processes involved in Interior Design projects. We look forward to joining forces again in the future on other innovative projects, and to further successful collaborations,” says Susanne Schmidhuber, Managing Partner at SCHMIDHUBER.