The Audi Ultrastore in Bikini Berlin

»Shop different« - Bikini Berlin is a shopping mall with a difference. This so-called concept mall is designed to provide novel shopping experiences for the urban society of the future. Right in the heart of the buzzing German capital, this post-modern take on a shopping mall is a mix of carefully chosen and harmonically arranged boutiques, concept stores and flagship stores. And in the center of everything is the Audi Ultrastore.

Technological performance with invisible efficiency – that’s the concept behind Audi Ultra. To create the space for this message, SCHMIDHUBER designed a fully scalable brand space made of intricate, branching aluminum. It’s both an organically connected lightweight construction and a sculpture, and it acts as the backdrop for solid structures made of powder-coated sheet aluminum from the Audi Sport collection. The Audi Ultrastore once again translates Audi’s key message into a three-dimensional brand experience, and it demonstrates how Audi are pushing the envelope in combining lightweight construction processes with maximum efficiency.


The Audi Ultrastore opens in one of the 19 flexible BIKINI Berlin Boxes on 20 February 2015. This exciting event is the first time Audi have used a pop-up store to present themselves to the public, and with SCHMIDHUBER’s minimalistic design, the Audi Ultrastore allows customers to experience a maximized brand experience, in person.