Audi Design Miami/ 2013 – An Interplay of Perspectives

At this year’s Design Miami/ 2013 Audi invites visitors to look at motorsport from an entirely new perspective. With their installation Fragmentation, SCHMIDHUBER, the Munich design studio for visionary temporary architecture and interior design have created an artistic interpretation of the “Red Diamond,” the Audi motorsports emblem.

The anamorphic spatial structure is composed of a number of individual diamond-shaped panels, allowing for flexible deployment in a variety of different orientations and perspectives, depending on the location it is built in. The multifaceted structure of Fragmentation is the embodiment of more than just the successful history of the brand, with over 150 victories in four continents over the last three years alone. It also translates the interplay of all the countless high-technology solutions that make up Audi’s famous “Vorsprung durch Technik” into a physical, spatial experience.

Watch the video on youtube here and read more about the project here!