The Audi Cloud – powering the digital Enterprise

At the Paris Motor Show 2016 the stand’s architectural framework is provided by “the cloud”, a ceiling construction developed by SCHMIDHUBER and comprising 220 elements that can play various media. The elements are modular cube constructions with media-ready surfaces. Joining together these cubes creates the stand’s roof and exhibition areas, forming its “mediatecture” piece by piece.

Playing media on the surfaces of these elements brings “the cloud” to life. Visible data streams are created right next to the products on display, showing how the vehicles are networked.
In addition, “the cloud” displays various touchpoints that allow visitors to generate tailor-made data from “the cloud” and receive it on their smartphones.

Planning for the stand, which covers just over 2,000 square metres, began in December 2015. Construction work commenced in June 2016. The main challenges during the planning and implementation phases were setting up the approximately 7,000 processed LED tiles, and, in particular, achieving the interplay of all the different media. The stand is designed as a modular system so that it can be used again, making it a long-term, sustainable option.