yapi 353 2011

German Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010

At the German Pavilion in Shanghai, the Federal Republic of Germany presented itself as a multifaceted nation and an innovative, forwardlooking country that also places great value on the preservation of its roots and heritage. Diversity and balance rat her than 'sameness' will be vital to tomorrow's cities, and the interplay between these two factors will enable a very special quality,of life and vitality to emerge. This is why we believe it is essential to preserve this diversity-without forgoing innovation and technology. The Federal Republic of Germany is looking to convey this very personal German perspective credibly and memorably. Germany's contribution to the EXPO 2010 "Better City, Better Life" theme is thus: balancity-a city in balance between renewal and preservation, innovation and tradition, urbanity and nature, society and its individuals, work and recreation, and finally, between globalisation and national identity. This central idea can be directly experienced by visitors everywhere in the German Pavilion. (...)