Type Spaces - Typography in three dimensional spaces

Typografie in der Architektur! Ein außergewöhnliches Themenbuch des singapurischen Herausgebers Basheer Graphic Books mit einer tollen Auswahl an Projekten. Mit dabei: Die Audi AreA 1 Barcelona 2010!

"(...) The design language of the modules was inspired by the A1's single- frame radiatorgrill that forms a strong and recognizable modular brand arch itecture. The different kit – from S (165 sq m) to XL (1,000 sq m) - are flexible in configuration and size, and produce a variety of spatial compositions, as weil as open and closed perspectives. The AreaAl Roadshow also features a 10 meters wide x 8 meters tall Audi A1 Iandmark that illuminates Barcelona's entire coastline.(...)"

Type Spaces
Typography in three dimensional spaces
Basheer Graphic Books
Roadshow Audi AreA1 Barcelona 2010
Seite 102-205
ISBN 978-981-07-7383-0