Audi Design Annual 2006, o2 Germany CeBIT 2007, Grohe ISH 2007

For the most design-oriented of the German premium auto brands, it was a true premiere: for the first time, Audi participated in the "The Design Annual" in Frankfurt. Adapting to the exh ibition motto "inside:urban", the Aud i TT was staged as a modern nomad, created for the urban environment and at ho me al l over the world. It doesn't need agarage, but a house made specifica lly for it. We conceived the booth as a largely closed body, with a monolithic character that can be experienced through its wall thickness and its matte, dark, hard materiality. (...)

The intention of 02's stand at the international CeBIT 2007 trade fa ir for computer technology was to present itself for the first time as a fu lly integrated one-stop telecommunications provider. The company sought to demonstrate t heir advance in the sector, which now offers the ful l range of communications solutions in the fixed network and in mobile telephony. This recent development was reflected in the location of their stand, directly neighboring Germany's largest telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom. (...)

The brand Grohe Water Technology emerges renovated at the ISH 2007 and unveils its new slogan "Enjoy Waterl" that displays a change in its brand strategy. Continuing the efficient use of the jets as a presentation element for the 2005 product. they will use the concept and content on the 2007 fair entrance as weil. The protagonists of the cei ling design that introduce the new blue CI are the "streams"formed by hanging and oscillating strings that recreate the water's movement. (...)