Messedesign Jahrbuch 2004/2005, avedition

Audi Barcelona Motor Show 2003, Lamborghini Genf 2004, O2 CeBIT 2004

The Kit Car - carpets with cars on them, and a few balloons. This was the dismissive description, some years ago, of the secondary circuit of international motor shows, below the rank of the major events such as Frankfurt, Tokyo, Paris, Geneva and Detroit. There are over twenty such shows in Europe, a similar number in the Americas, and the same again in the rest of the world. (...)

Straight Up - To call a Lamborghini a car is like calling Krug a drink. A Lamborghini is a luxury, something crafted and special. So the unveiling of the new roadster version of the Murcielago at the Geneva Motor Show in 2004 called for something unusual. (...)

Head in the clouds -In 2002 the mobile phone company Viag Interkom changed its name to 02 Germany, and their stand at CeBIT in Hanover was designed by KMS together with Schmidhuber + Partner, as a four-square frame to celebrate the change, using a bold blue fac;ade bearing the new name and strapline. The new name and brand also signified a change from a German base to a Europewide area of activity. (...)