Neither humour nor an artistic concept, but technology forms the basis of the German pavilion, which is conspicuous mainly for its in-your-face yet functional architecture. Here, the traditional point of departure for the world fair - 'show us what you've got' - is implemented with German accuracy and efficiency. Visitors to Balancity take the tour along the harbour and post parks, office buildings, an opera house and housing to end up in the factory. Along the way, they see countless German inventions and technological innovations. An obvious favourite with visitors is the Energy Source, the 20-m-deep pit in one volume of the complex that is surrounded by circular stairwells. Swinging at the centre of this void is the ball, 4 m in diameter, covered with 40,000 LEDs. The movement and colour of the ball react to sound and motion. Just imagine - thousands of Chinese fairgoers crammed together on the stairs, waving and shouting and leaping in the air. Goose bumps! (...)