Exhibition Design, BRAUN

Der schweizerische BRAUN Verlag präsentiert in dem Themenband Exhibition Design die Messeinszenierung von Samsung auf der IFA 2009 in Berlin.

"(...) The visitor steps onto eight semi-circular „blades“, jutting up into the room, equipped with LED TV’s and cleverly arranged mirrored surfaces reflecting light accents and audio visual effects. The 180° two fold mirroring doubles the depth and height of the space, drawing it optically upwards as it merges illusion and reality. The walk-in kaleidoscope becomes an imposing multimedia „cathedral“, a super icon recognizable at a great distance and a breath-taking setting in space for the Samsung brand.(...)

Exhibtition Design, BRAUN
Von Sibylle Kramer
Samsung - IFA Berlin 2009 Berlin
Seite 174-177
ISBN 978-3-03-03768-170-1