Studio of the Year - An exclusive look inside Schmidhuber + Partner

RED HOT - Schmidhuber + Partner might just be the hottest experience design firm on the planet

You've heard the argument countless times: youth or experience? Youth, of course, embodies fresh thinking, new ideas, willingness to take risks. Experience on the other hand means knowledge, proficiency, and a honed ability to project outcomes accurately. Twenty seven year old Munich, Germany-based design firm Schmidhuber + Partner doesn't view this equation as an either/or proposition. The best design firms deliver on all of the above attributes-and Schmidhuber + Partner strives for nothing less than to play among the elite. The firm's strategy has always worked. Originally founded in 1984 by Professor Klaus Schmidhuber and his wife Suzanne, the firm leveraged its multi generational combination of youth and experience to build a roster of international power-brands that includes Samsung, Audi, O2, Grohe and Lamborghini. But 20-plus years is a long time to keep the momentum going. So when Klaus Schmidhuber neared retirement, the firm decided that the departure of its original leader was also an opportunity.It was time to reinvigorate the experience design firm with an injection of new blood. Enter Lennart Wiechell and Michael Ostertag-Henning, who joined Suzanne Schmidhuber and other managing partners Siegfried Kaindl and Gerda Pilz at the helm of the company about three years ago. (...)