The M generation (mobility, multimedia and music) is still all the rage on the Asian continent. The Samsung showcase is proof of this, in the COEX mall in the Gangnam-gu district of Seoul. With an open exhibition design and a rhythm that enhances the excitement of experimenting with the products along with the state-of-the-art technology, the visitor is invited to see the company's most recent products. One factor in favor of the experience is that there is no need to buy, since on this showcase there are no articles for sale. The design has achieved futuristic aestheticsin keeping with the vision of the future the Asian brand wants to transmit-which are very attractive to the eyes of young people. The showcase is divided into five areas- music, multimedia, music surround, photo and information- with an exhibition that is fluid and not separated, giving the client a sensorial experience of the latest laptops, portable DVDs, Camcorders, photo printers and MP3 players.