Open House Lectures #04: Wolfgang Buttress

Am Montag, den 05. Oktober 2015 ging die SCHMIDHUBER Open House Lectures in die vierte Runde! Zu Gast war Wolfgang Buttress mit seinem Vortrag ‘UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015'. Buttress gab einen Einblick in die kreativen Prozesse seines Studios.

Wolfgang Buttress creates simple, elegant sculptures which seek to define and celebrate a sense of place. Stepping out of the cacophony of the modern world, the artworks seek to establish a connection to something timeless and elemental. Through the integration of engineering, his works arrive at an almost essential form: light and delicate, yet strong, and explore the inherent tensions between these qualities. Increasingly, he has drawn inspiration from nature, collaborating with experts to explore and interpret scientific discoveries. Over the last two years Wolfgang has won numerous national and international awards, including the 'Best of Best' Iconic Award for the UK Pavilion Milan Expo (2015), International Structural Steel Award for projects under £2million (2013) and the first Western artist to win the prestigious Kajima Gold Award in Japan for ‘Space’ (2014). He is the artist and creative lead behind the UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 working alongside architects BDP and structural engineer Tristan Simmonds.